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Instrumentation Cables have following components :

  • Conductor : Conductor material is Copper. It may be bare or tin coated to minimize oxidation and facilitate soldering. Conductors may be stranded or solid type. For higher cross section generally stranded type construction is preffered.
  • Insulation : Insulation material depends upon the electrical and mechanical properties desired and the environments. The most common material are Polyethylene and PVC.
  • Shields : Shields is provided to prevent harmful electrostatic interface. These are three basic reasons for providing an electrostatic shield in a cable. The first, and the most common, reason concerns the need to keep external electrical disturbances from affecting the signal in the cable. The second reason is to prevent the signal in the cable from being detectable at location other than at the cable ends. The third reason is the combination of the first two. It is the elimination of unwanted transfer of signals between circuits in the same cable, commonly called cross talk. Two types of shields as given below are commonly used.
  • Braided copper wire shield : Braided shields are reasonably flexible, quite durable and offer a good balance of shielding properties. The drawbacks in a braided shields are difficulty in terminating higher cable dimensions and cost. The practical limits of coverage is approach 96%.
  • Aluminium laminated mylar tape shields : It consists of a laminate of rolled aluminium foil, which is bonded with a high strength adhesive to the mylar film. The tape is applied spirally of longitudinally and provides total (100%) electrostatic shielding. An uninsulated conductor, drain wire